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Veterinary pharmaceutical company

Veterinarstvo Beograd


For fifteen years, Veterinarstvo is in service of animal breeders with the quality of its products. In cooperation with Veterinarian faculty of University of Belgrade, Veterinarian institute and other referent institutes, expert team is available to all farmers and animal lovers, on a daily bases. Today, no farmer or breeder can not efficiently work if not using wide range of Veterinarstvo products.

Our motto is quality of the product and prevention, and that idea is helping farmers to cut their expenses of farming and breeding. Our products are used for prevention from water and food infections, and our medicines successfully disable any disease outbrake within 24 hours. Veterinarstvo never stops investing in products as well as in equipment and facilities, and that makes us one of the leading producers. We have a very clear objective:

quality + prevention + medicine = healthy animal

New line for premix production enabled consumers to get quality and efficient, always fresh, irreplaceable Premix that lives up to international standards.

For years, people are using Veterinarstvo products and they come back to buy them again because they are sure of the quality. Their belief and confidence gives constant stimulation to General Manager Vojislav Arsenijević to improve company and to go along with the latest technologies.